Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions, please just send it to
Absolutely! You just have to contact our sales team at the following email and they will give you all the details to make wholesale purchases.
Yes. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your company and work to create a fruit contract that best meets your needs. Please reach out to us by email at We will be in touch as soon as possible.
Shipping prices may vary depending on the distance between our warehouse, located in Florida, and the place where you will receive your fruit puree.
In an effort to save on shipping expenses, we encourage our clients to palletize their boxes rather than having them shipped individually when placing orders of 5 or more 44 lb boxes. A pallet is able to hold a minimum of five to sixty 44 lb boxes.
Not only are they delicious, but our fruit purees are incredibly versatile. They have many different uses, including but not limited to applications in: Beverages: Craft brewing, home brewing, microbrewing, nanobrewing, tea, mead, kombucha, fruited beers, fruited sours, cocktails, juices, seltzers, ciders, and more. Food: Baking, pastries, preserves, sauces, yogurt, ice cream, gelato, sorbet, frozen desserts, and more.
The term aseptic refers to a unique anti-microbial packaging that ensures no bacteria, wild yeast, sunlight, or oxygen can enter the product. We are committed to ensuring that our purees stay fresh and are ready for use whenever you need them. While many products claim to have aseptic packaging, we assure you that ours is top-quality. Not only does our aseptic packaging meet stringent FDA regulations, we also use a 3-layer polyethylene barrier system for maximum protection.
We currently have two types of bags. If you receive a bag that only has a blue spout, you must use scissors and cut off one of the top corners. If you receive the bag with the yellow spout, you must use our Bag Opener to open it, and you can close it simply by pressing it down with your hand. To purchase our Bag Opener click here.
Our purees are long-lasting and stay fresh for 18 months from the date of manufacture. Rest assured, our fruit purees will remain as fresh as the day you got them for a long time.
No need to worry! The unused portion of fruit puree can be refrigerated for up to ten days. Alternatively, you can freeze it right through the remained of its shelf-life. For best results, be sure to store your leftovers in a sanitized container that forms a tight seal and avoid direct exposure to light and oxygen whenever possible.
Of course. Our all-natural fruit purees are made with only natural ingredients. We use only whole, fresh, non-GMO fruits for our purees. Further, we add no refined sugars or high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial colors or flavors. Truly, nothing is added with the exception of less than 1% ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C, which is included as an antioxident.
Not at all! Our purees are fresh, NEVER frozen. Our unique aseptic packaging enables us to store and ship our purees safely, regardless of external environmental temperatures. This frees up room in your freezer while also ensuring you don't have to waste valuable time defrosting our products. From the moment your fruit purees arrive, they are ready to use!
Our purees are made of fruit, fruit, and more fruit! We do add less than 1% of ascorbid acid, or Vitamin C, to act as an antioxident. Our purees are never diluted, nor do they contain any added sugars, thickeners, or artificial flavors or colors.
While most of our fruit purees are completely smooth and seedless, certain fruits do not allow for a completely seed-free consistency. For example, purees that contain strawberries or raspberries may contain seeds due to the nature of these fruits. It would be practically impossible to eliminate every seed.
While our fruit purees are quite smooth and do not contain chunks of fruit, they are somewhat thicker in consistency than juices as they contain both juice and pulp of the fruit. This gives the purees a lovely natural texture.
Yes. Our purees are pasteurized.
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